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I do not claim to be a good writer. In fact my dyslexia makes it most difficult for me. I usually default to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart quote:

I cannot write poetically, for I am no poet.
I cannot artfully arrange my phrases so as to give light and shade.
Neither am I a painter;
Nor can I even express my thoughts by gesture and pantomime, for I am no dancer.
But I can do so in sounds.
I am a musician.

This why I created the Love Letter musical compositions. But because of my constant quest to express myself, I have written many things. Poetry is may favorite way to express myself in words. With e.e. cummings, Arthur Rimbaud, and Kahlil Gibran being some of my favorites. I have decided to post some of my writings: Poetry, lyrics and librettos, and essays and papers. I also hope to add more of authors that I love to read. I hope you enjoy what I have posted.


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How do I learn to understand that I know Nothing?
How do I realize that I know something?
How can I conquear the writen word?
How can I break the bonds of what I read?
How do I escape what I don't know?
How can I be truly free?
How an I be truly captured?



A warumth, a glow,
To know you is not to be afraid of the dark.
Soft, deep,
To know you is to travel through the long cave.
Liquid, but not wet,
To know you is to feel the warumth, but know the cold.


Last Night

As I lay down to sleep.
A chill covers my small body.
(An unusally cold September)
I curled up and was cold,
Then you filled my mind,
came by my side and warumed me to sleep

4:51 pm


Today an unexpected breeze came floating by.
In this breeze came the song of your voice,
Being carried by the wind of birds wings.
In the heat of June in the southern stealth,
Your voice touched me and I ran cold.
My fever Drenched, my thirst Sparked.
Your voice hangs around me as the Jungle mist,
With Caressing and taunting moves,
It dances in my face.
It's magic sparks memories of your physical self,
Only to give way to the true beauty of your inner light.
The wind does tease me and creates a false hope.
But I forgive it, because tomorrow it might rain.
Bringing me a tear.
That draws me closer to home.


Golden haired lady, clutches quietly to the small shell of a man.
Long cold sighs, and unfinished sentences break the still.
Hands clutching nervously for some sign of.....
Crash, the sound of steel grinding on asphalt.
The evening fades quicker into the past,
and they both know loneliness is soon to arrive.
A last grab, one more chance for...
"I don't know....."

2:33 pm

Big City

Welcome to the big scene
"Bight Lights, Big City" baby,
Green ladies dripping down dirty windows
this is the Promised Land.
can wait for the real world
In your dirty one room apartment
you here the sirens all night and
some lady is praying that
"the sirens tolls not for her son".
Sackin' groceries with that college degree
so you can be where you want to be.
this is the Big City, Bright Lights
shine through your window,
when you score a dime it won't be so bad.

Under the Mushroom

in warm Spring nights, under the mushroom
a lady dances with the lights and the free passion of the electric gypsy.
the lone man watches calmly,
thinking his silent thoughts as the purple lights go gently by.
unrestrained feelings encompass the soul as revelation creeps in.
the gypsy spins to the floor and both crawl from under the Mushroom.

unrequited love

the gentle sound of the liquid essence of your voice.
the sound caress me like an ocean wave.
the empty void that is filled when I look in your eyes.
the waves of warmth that race over me from your touch.
the memories of the future and past that fill my mind.
Gone faster then the loss can turn to salt on my cheek.


You are a drug-
I want to consume you,
so you will travel through I and become I.
You are a Tiger-
I want to be consumed by you,
so I may travel through you and become you.
The auras engulf you-I
swirling around each other until
they join into one flame!
This light will give the world, if it opens an eye,
a way to see YOU-I.

to Jill

I Notice

You walk by in all your eliquence.
I notice you hair, long flowing golden rays;
Your lips, today tinted like the ruby, soft as silk.
I notice you highth, how short you really are.
Your walk and your motions, fill my mind.
Of course, your eyes, I notice your eyes.
They are the darkest, I've ever felt.
With a sad like inocence that lingers in them.
The one thing I want to notice the most,
is concealed behind your subtlities.



Life is but a dream and
You! are in a constant sleep- but,
You! wake-up to the unreality of


Your dreams don't make the world go round.
but Keep dreaming
for one day your dreams might
stop the world and start it
turning in the right Direction.

A Simple Peace

My Brother Find a Simple Peace
My Brother Learn to Live Life
My Brother Learn to Love Life
My Brother Enjoy a Simple Peace

Again Atlantis

Again Atlantis, awaken,
awaken from the murky depths at which you sleep.
Arise from the calm beneath the waves,
Triton's horn is calling you, come forth
through dark smooth waters, arise, arise!
To sit on top of the waters
that gently lap at your arisen shore,
and to evilve into a strong land,
to grow, to lead, to conquer.
But these actions might cause a mutiny on the sea.
warring and fighting for control.
this will be,
Your demise,
back into the sea.

Walk on the Cryptic World of Jove's

A brisk walk all alone
on the offspring of a god.
frozen in time. (the romantic beauty)
blues unseen, blues ice of crystal caves
and ice mountain high. bleak canyons echo
the cold, hard, clam unreleased life and community.
Walk on the cryptic world of Jove's